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We take pride in partnering with Centurion Systems, a highly innovative and globally recognized manufacturer of electric gate automation access. Our gate automation systems are powered by their cutting-edge technology.

Centurion Systems is a South African brand that is available in New Zealand through our local distributor, Aero Automation.


This ensures that we can provide our customers with prompt delivery times and comprehensive technical support.

Don't forget to explore our Resource Centre, where you can find valuable information on the Centurion range and the accessories we offer.


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Centurion Systems (CENTSYS) is a South African company that offers an award-winning range of products that help people access their properties without needing to leave their cars. 

Some of the products they do include sliding and swing gate motors, intercom systems and various accessories

All of their products come with a 2 year product warranty. 


There are various different accessories that you can purchase to help with ease of access to your property. 

Some of these include keypads, exit buttons, video intercom systems, remotes. 

You can download our Gate Automation Accessories document to view all of the accessories available to you below. 

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