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What kind of material do you suggest?
At Elite Gates we work with any and all materials that might be suitable for your project. The most commonly used materials are aluminium/steel for gates and fences,. Whatever you have envisioned, we can supply and install.  

What gate or fence materials are best for minimum upkeep?
Aluminium and steel are our recommended mateirals for minimum upkeep. They are more robust than timber as they aren't effected by weather or temperature, and all of our aluminium fencing and gates are finished with a high quality powder coating (to a colour of your choice!). This means no painting or staining, and a quick hose off is all that is needed to keep them looking good as new. 

What gate or fence design is best for privacy?
Gates: TGV or Louvre provide the most amount of privacy, however, they are not recommended in a high wind zone. Elite Gates will advise on the best option for your property once a site visit has been completed.

Fences: Stabiwood, Colourpanel and Smartwall are all great option for a fence that offers privacy and these materials also help to deflect noise.

What height are the gates and fences?
Just like the style, all gates and fences can be customised to suit heights, widths, slopes and rakes as needed. 

The most common heights you’ll see around are 1.8m or 1.5m

How is a automatic gate operated?
We provide multiple solutions for automatic gate operation; keypads, intercoms, phone apps, remotes etc. 
Our “Standard” automation package includes 2 keychain remotes.

Do you do sliding gates? 
Yes. The first step to any project is determining the best gate for the job; sliding, swing, double swing, cantilevered, telescopic etc. 

All gate types can be customised to suit, and automated.

Can I have a custom design for the gate?
Yep! Feature infills are a great option to match existing features. Laser cutting logos into panel gates are a great option for business and the same technique can be used to turn your gate into an art piece. If you can imagine it, or have an example photo, we can make it happen.

Can you build on sloped or uneven surfaces?

Yes there are build and design options for slopes and uneven grounds. The best idea is to give us a call and we can meet you at your place to discuss ideas and options.

The fence borders our neighbours property, who pays?
New Zealand has a “Fence Act” which sets the requirements. A good summary and answers to the most common questions can be found at We’re happy to help solve any other issues.

Do I need to get an electrician for the gate power?
Every project is different, some may require a new outdoor plug to be installed with an electrician. We can arrange all of this.
As for power, we prefer to install a step down transformer at an outdoor power plug, and then run the low voltage cables to the gate. This minimises any mains voltage cables in the garden etc. and is far safer! 

What is the cost of an automatic gate?
Every project is different however a standard sliding gate with our basic automation package starts at around $8000 + GST.

What is the cost of a new fence?
Every project is different, please fill out our contact form and submit all the required information then we will reply with a cost estimate.

What maintenance is required for my fence/gate?
Check our maintenance guide in our Resource Centre for an in depth run down of what is required.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, please contact us via our contact us page

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